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about mamas got a brand new bag

Mama’s Got a Brand-New Bag was formed in 2005 and is not your typical luxury handbag store; we are much more. We exist to provide a reliable platform for women worldwide by shining light promote their textiles and artistry on a high-profile international platform.

Our story begins with our founder, Sonja Brooke, and her desire to uplift small businesses - particularly those owned by women from low-income and marginalized communities and work with like-minded partners to heal the planet.

Each exquisitely handcrafted handbag comes with a complete history of transparency. We call this a blockchain. The details of each artisan and their stories are provided for you in a “Birth Certificate” as it is important to us that no artist’s work goes without recognition and the source from which your bag was birthed should not be lost in production but rather honoured. Your bag will come complete with its origins and a certificate of authenticity. We know you will take pride in your purchase just as the people who helped create it have.

In addition to the sheer beauty of each bag, there are several added benefits of our handbags. First, our bags are the first and only to be created with Diamondthreadz. Our bags are designed to last. These timeless treasures will be enjoyed for many years and become family heirlooms passed down to family members or consigned to share with another bag lover for top value.  Since our bags are created with sustainable and biodegradable materials, they will always symbolize stylish love bestowed on Mother Earth.

In addition, each bag comes complete with tracking capability. We know how devastating losing your handbag can be. Whether through theft or misplacement, “Find my bag” technology can help you locate your bag in minutes. You can feel confident when you carry our handbags.

Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag is changing the industry by using invasive species to assist in regenerative fashion- with cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and a transparent story. Our bags exemplify strength, dedication, confidence, and perseverance, just like the women who created them. Now it’s your turn to embody the vision through a handcrafted Brand-New Bag!

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