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meet the founder

Sonja Brooke is a former international model, gemologist, artist, author and mother on a mission to make the fashion world more sustainable.

mother on a mission

 Sonja Brooke is the founder and Executive Director of Mama's Got a Brand New Bag (MGBNB), formed in 2005 is a luxury handbag company that utilizes the skills and entrepreneurial expertise of women worldwide. Sonja is Australian and has travelled extensively and has lived throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada. She is a former international model who began her modelling career at age 11. Sonja is also an artist, stylist, actor, author and activist. Her diverse career and educational background have been instrumental in her pursuit of women's empowerment and the establishment of MGBNB. She provides opportunities for other women, especially single mothers, using her platform, knowledge, and expertise.

Sonja holds a degree in Journalism and is a G.I.A. certified gemologist. She is the brand ambassador for A Diamond's Life (APFD), an international diamond jewellery company , and she is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church.
As a single mother, Sonja believes strongly in environmental justice and leaving a better world for our children. She is a fierce advocate for all women, especially women who are raising children on their own. She aims to advocate and promote women business owners who create products that are not only beautiful but sustainable. Using these works of art, she creates handbags using elements from the earth that would usually be discarded (apple skins, fish skin, mushroom leather, etc.) In doing so, she not only supports and uplifts other women entrepreneurs but also creates wearable art that will not harm the earth that we share.

Sonja is a published artist and the author of Thank You for My Tears, On My Grandmother's Prayers and  Please let my Tears salt my food. When she is not creating elegant handbags, she is travelling the world seeking materials from women artisans, building and fostering relationships, and uplifting and motivating women everywhere.

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When we say that our bags are distinctive, we mean it. Each bag is as unique as the women who helped create it. You will receive a “Birth Certificate”, which will give you the bag’s origin story and the story of the woman(en) who participated in its creation. Some standard features make these bags elegant. They come in four shapes,

The bags have 4 distinctive shapes (classic, rectangular, shopper, and round) and they have dual faces, with one side of the bag representing the day and the other night. Our bags are designed, so their colours fade over time, creating an Italian “Fresco” appearance. In other words, our bags look better with age, time, and wear.

Every Handbag is a Custom bag

Our custom bags are made to order and take 8-10 weeks to produce. We allow you to collaborate with our design team by choosing the “Iconic Wig Baby” of your choice to create the perfect piece of wearable art.  Or you can choose to go the ultimate luxurious route by selecting a deluxe model with a painting painted by a well-known artist, which includes natural diamonds. Purchasing our handbags is more than just finding a fashion accessory; it’s becoming a part of a movement! Come on, Mama, and get your brand-new bag

WigBaby-Wigs_Cleo Wig Red.png

Iconic Wig Baby 

company mascot

This Iconic Wig Baby TM  represents how we were all born; adorable, naked, and free of makeup. For the most part, life allows us to become what we desire, but here at Mama’s Got a Brand-New Bag, we provide a fun way to create an alter ego. Choose one of the dolls, slap on one of the fabulous wigs, and it becomes ICONIC!


The Iconic Wig Baby TM  of your choice (with or without a wig) is then hand painted onto the bag of your choice.



Wig options:


  • The Dolly – a homage to one of the most glamourous women in Country music- the ultimate bouffant.


  • The Elvis – stylish sideburns and a tussled pompadour - every doll looks good in this wig.


  • The Jackson –this afro blocks everything in the rear-view mirror and throws a powerful image.


  • The Cleo – you’ll become the neighbourhood queen in this Egyptian number.


  • The Marly – nothing says coolness better than a head full of Locs.

Iconic Wig Baby colours


Beige – Brown  - Pink – Red – Yellow

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